What’s Hotcakes Commerce?

What’s Hotcakes Commerce?

Author: Waldo/Tuesday, February 13, 2018/Categories: General

Firstly what's Hotcakes Commerce (HCC)? It is an open source e-commerce CMS that delivers an exceptional e-commerce experience to all stakeholders of an e-commerce website. Customers are engaged from point A to point buy. Designers are happy because they can embrace their brand. Developers are productive from day 1 with great documentation, Rest APIs, and extensible architecture. Merchants are ecstatic because HCC provides great metrics so you know what's selling and what isn't, thus aiding them in their decision making process.

Hotcakes Commerce is usually configured as a standalone CMS but it can also run on an existing DNN site as a DNN module. It is the premier eCommerce module for the DNN ecosystem. It's flexible and heavily customisable which makes it a right fit for all of you who have specific purchasing requirements that the more common eCommerce platforms can’t easily support.

We have made beautiful stores across Australia which focus on selling. Have a look at our Gordon and Gotch case study for one such example. We are DNN savvy and have a team of designers, developers, programmers, and IT specialists in our office, who can customise, install, and assist you with managing your eCommerce site.

We take maintenance and support seriously and will look after your ecommerce site WITH you. As far as products go, any admin can maintain and manage your own ecommerce site – and we’re there right behind with our expertise and assistance of course. We have developed some Australian specific Tax handlers for eCommerce stores selling in Australia.

So finally, you have a shopping cart solution that is great for everyone: customers, developers, designers, and merchants! with the support of a TRUE blue Aussie team available at your disposal.

Come see us if you need help with your Hotcakes Commerce store or if you want to set up a new Online Store and are considering Hotcakes Commerce! 😊

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