DNN Summit in Denver - Yes I'm going!

DNN Summit in Denver - Yes I'm going!

Author: Waldo/Friday, December 2, 2016/Categories: General, DNN Summit

I'm not sure how I swung it, but I'm heading to Denver to attend the DNN Summit in January 2017 and for a few good reasons I can't wait to attend.

Yes, I'm aware that the weather will not be as balmy (Aussie vernacular for "Hot") as what we get this time of year in Sydney, but I'm prepared to swap the swimmers for some cold weather gear such as ski pants, gloves, jacket and.... I think you get the drift... I'm going skiing!

Only a world class summit includes skiing as part of the conference but then DNN have never claimed to be just like all the rest. For those of you that don't know, DNN is an open source (and optional paid version) CMS that is very well suited when creating a robust, business grade site. It allows you to have a visually appealing site with all the features you expect from a CMS nowadays such as mobile and tablet responsive design, Google friendly markup code, Human readable URLs which are also Google friendly, combined with the ability for the more advanced DNN developers amongst you to add some serious extra functionality either by purchasing a third party module or creation the functionality yourself. Whatever you do, the platform will not hold you back.

Anyway back to the DNN Summit, its in Denver Colorado (where they have ski-able mountains) and the people attending will be the "who's who of DNN" both from the more corporate side of things as well as the enthusiastic and passionate development community. I'm looking forward to meeting many of them including the guys at Managed.com who do amazing work hosting some of our client sites, DNN Corporation who are steering a great paid version of the product called Evoq, and I also wonder if the team at EasyDNNsolutions will be the there too. They are the creators of the EasyDNNsolutions suite of products e.g. EasyDNNnews, gallery and rotator and i can't say enough about my love of their products. They do great work and it is often that we enhance our digital solutions for clients with their modules. This blog is powered by EasyDNNnews actually.

This is my first post (apart from a personal one I created a new years back) and I will MOST DEFINITELY be blogging regularly (famous last words?) with DNN related updates as well as more Info about the DNN Summit coming up, so check back here again for more DNN news.

Bye for now!





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